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Selangor, MALAYSIA

Terms & Conditions

  1. The race format will go by rider’s age.
  2. T-shirt size cannot change during event day. Please see size chart before select the size.
  3. Knee and Elbow Pads must be worn and a properly fitted helmet which meets safety standards is required
  4. All pushbike brands, balance bikes and no pedal bike invited. (modified from normal bicycle, removed peddle can’t participate)
  5. Parent or guardian must not make any contact with bike or rider at the start of the race (no pushing).
  6. Parents or guardians are not allowed on track during competition. Organizer may allow an exception to this rule (after the gate drop) for a struggling child.
  7. Riders must be able to complete course unassisted for a finishing position.
  8. Finish line is reached when the front tire of the bike is ridden across the finish line.
  9. Parents or guardians are responsible to make sure that bike and rider meet the in good condition to ensure safety for the rider.
  10. Don’t leave without your medal – every participant gets one.
  11. Event Cancellation by you, no refunds or transfers.
  12. Participation is on the responsibility of the parents, the organizer is not responsible for any accident, injury, death or loss of property.  However, the organizer will arrange the delivery to the hospital and medical costs are above parents’ liability.